Parts of Medicare

Before enrolling in Medicare, it’s important for you to understand each part of Medicare and the coverage included with each part.

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Part A

Medicare Part A covers your inpatient care in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Hospice care, home health care, and nursing home care inpatient services are also covered by Part A.

Part B

Medicare Part B covers medically necessary care and certain preventative care services. This coverage can include outpatient services such as doctor visits, emergency room visits, clinical research, ambulance services, durable medical equipment, mental health care, and limited outpatient prescription drugs.

By combining both Part A and B coverage, you will have what is known as Original Medicare.

Part C

Separate from Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans give you the Part A and Part B coverage you need, but through a private health insurance company. These plans can also offer you additional benefits packages for coverage including dental, vision, or hearing care and prescription drug coverage. Some plans have added benefits such as fitness club memberships.

The different types of Medicare Advantage plans include:

  • HMO plans
  • PPO plans
  • MSA plans
  • PFFS plans
  • SNPs

Part D

Medicare Part D prescription drug plans help cover the costs of your prescription drugs. Once you meet the deductible, you will pay set copayments for each prescription drug. Costs are based on whether a drug is generic, brand-name, or specialty and preferred or not preferred.

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